FAQ – Studios

How long does it take to get a referral?

- As soon as someone inquires in your area you will receive the referral notification right away

How many referrals will I receive?

- It will vary depending on your location

- It could be anywhere from a couple a week to a couple a day

Will other studios receive the same referral?

- Yes, as long as the other studio is within the clients search radius

- This ensures they find a studio as quickly as possible

Can I see all my referrals in my account?

- Yes, and you can download them as an excel spreadsheet for your records

Can I save a credit or debit card on file?

- Yes, this way you can quickly purchase a referral and reach out to them right away

How do I get a refund on a referral?

- Duplicate referral within a 48 hour period

- Missing contact info - Bad contact info

- Right contact info but the person says they never inquired about rehearsal studios

Further questions please contact support at: [email protected]